Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Proof of effort :)

 Yes, we walked all the way to Junction Boulevard (95th Street) and back.

Here's the street sign, as viewed from our temporary perch in the playground, as further proof:

We try to walk to Junction Boulevard as often as we can.  But if worse comes to worse, we can turn left, instead of right, at the corner of our block, and walk to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass at 69th Street instead.  Junction is over 15 blocks away, so the round trip is over 30 blocks.  The BQE overpass is, well, 5-10 blocks away--I don't want to reveal our exact location--so the round trip is well over 10 blocks.  It's not much of a substitute for Israeli folk dancing, but we're grateful that we're well enough to get there and back.


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